Whiteside County

Whiteside County
Sterling, Illinois is located in Whiteside County. Sterling, Illinois is known as being the "hardware capital of the world" as it was home to many steel mills and manufacturing facilities. Sterling, Illinois is still home to many industries but is also home to commercial and residential areas.

At Tech Care Inspections we provide home inspection services throughout Whiteside County in Illinois.

During our Sterling home inspections, we work with you to provide the best and most thorough home inspection services that we can. We understand what its like to be in your shoes, so we know you and your home deserve attention and patience. A home is one of the most important purchases you can make and we are here to help to take the time to not only discover any issues that the home might have but also explain them to you without complicated industry jargon.

We provide Homebuyer’s Inspection, Pre-Listing Inspection, New Construction Inspection, 11th Month Warranty Inspection, and Thermal Imaging Inspections to all cities located in Whiteside County, including:

Rock Falls, Sterling, Morrison, Tampico, Prophetstown, Deer Grove, Fulton, Coleta, Erie, Albany, Lyndon, Fenton, Como, Round Grove, and Union Grove.