Homebuyer’s Inspection
At Tech Care Inspections, our homebuyer's inspections adhere to the Standards of Practice (SOP). In which during this thorough home inspection we can find any damages and defects that home buyers will need to know about before moving forward with the purchase of their home.
During our home inspections, the following accessible areas are inspected:
  • Foundation
  • Lot drainage
  • Roof
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Built-in appliances
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Windows and doors
Pre-Listing Inspection
Although common for home buyers, home inspections are also beneficial for home sellers. Our pre-listing inspections provide the home seller with valuable information about their property before it gets listed. We also advise on which repairs should be made before listing their property.

New Construction Inspection
We understand that the construction process for new properties is complex and time consuming which means it can be easy for oversights to take place during the building process. This is why we offer inspections for new constructions to find defects that should be addressed before the final walkthrough.

11th Month Warranty Inspection
Many new construction homes actually come with a one year builder's warranty. This warranty protects homeowners from any financial burden that could come up due to defects in construction. During the 11th month, we will inspect the home for defects that will allow homeowners to have the needed repairs completed before the warranty is over.

Thermal Imaging
As an additional service during our home inspections, we offer thermal imaging. With thermal imaging inspections, we are able to see areas of moisture and unexpected heat/cold levels that are not visible to the naked idea. This information then can be taken and used to locate and diagnose issues in the home.